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Castanets, Casta˝uelas

Flamenco in Andalusia

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Castanets direct from Andalucia, Spain. We offer a personalised service with advice from professional flamenco musicians and dancers, local instrument makers and flamencos.


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For a brief discussion of how to wear and play castanets click here



A variety of castanets are available.

Prices vary according to type, size and professional level. Men tend to have the larger sizes, but not necessarily. It will depend upon your hand size. We suggest size numbers 4 to 6 are typical of those used by professional dancers.

We have asked flamenco dancers in Andalucia what castanets they use. The popular castanets are now the black fibre castanets as well as the black pressed material castanets rather than the traditional wooden types.

Prices exclude handling and shipping! Please enquire by email and tell us your address for shipping so we can quote you.

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pouch included (colour varies according to stock)




fibra de vidrio negra

recommended for dance students





Black fibre glass castanets:

  • fibra de vidrio negro segunda: 38,95 Euros (approx 60 USD)
  • fibra de vidrio negro primera: 60,- Euros (approx 88 USD)
  • fibra de vidrio negro: 99,- Euros (approx 138 USD)
  • top quality with double inside (fibra de vidrio negro doble cara): 150,- Euros (approx 200 USD)
    check current exchange rate upon payment at secure server

ref BF42Castanets
Black fibre glass

For dance students we suggest the fibra de vidrio negra 2nda (ref BF42Castanets) at 38,95 Euros (approx 60 USD but check current exchange rate upon payment.) Add 19,80 Euros for shipping and handling costs. Total: 58,75 Euros


ORDERING INSTRUCTIONS. Please email us your shipping address and order.

Tourist variety

Price per set of plastic castanets

3,95 Euros




Castanets: cheap range (tourist - not professional)

ref CASnat1408 - price per pair 16,95 Euros

ref CASeba1409 - price per pair 18,75 Euros

refCAScao1411 - price per pair 18,75 Euros

cheaper range of castanets


Castanets are used frequently in Sevillanas, but less so in other flamenco dance forms. However it all depends! (We can offer you concert level castanets for concert performances, but they are even more expensive than the professional levels!) Castanet playing is a separate and dedicated art form. Many hours of practice are needed to become proficient, even if just for fun in the feria.

If in doubt we suggest you buy black fibre glass castanets since they are durable and excellent sound quality for dancers.


Add shipping/handling on all items - please email to order and for payment instructions. We will need your full shipping address. You can pay by credit card through secure server on line. Prices are quoted in Euros, but you can choose to pay in USD or GBPounds with updated currency exchange rates.

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