Cooking andalusian style, Flamenco foods, tapas, recipes, essential foods for flamencos
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Cooking andalusian style

Flamenco foods, tapas, recipes

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Essential foods for flamencos! recipes



Andalusian MEATS / CARNE for export within European Union

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butifarra butifarra

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chorizo chorizo iberico

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Spanish tapas

Simon says...

Good food is a combination of the five senses, but most of all a good cook must have an ability to mix ingredients to suit the palate as well as the circumstances. I invite you to taste traditional Spanish food.

Typical Spanish tapas combine well with sherry, flamenco and bullfighting!





This is essentially a cold country soup made with tomatoes, peppers, garlic and stale bread, to which is added olive oil and sherry wine vinegar, and water to give the required consistency.The old fashioned way of blending it is in a "dornillo" (large terracotta bowl) by hand, though most Andalusians will use an electric blender nowadays. Frequently cubes of ice are added as well as a variety of loose garnish according to taste: diced onion, green peppers, tomato, boiled egg, and fried croutons. It is especially refreshing in summer when it is taken as a starter, but can refresh your palate at any time.

Variations exist, usually acquiring their own name for the area in which they develop.

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"salmorejo" is a concentrated form of gazpacho (without water added) from Cordoba; "ajo blanco", a white gazpacho from Malaga, "gazpacho verde" from Huelva. Variations called just "ajo" (garlic) exist in Jerez and Arcos de la Frontera, but these are not strictly speaking thought of as gazapacho.


sherry vinegar


Simon says...


I can recommend the sherry wine vinegar from Jerez de la Frontera. Buy a bottle!



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