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Flamenco and Sevillanas dresses, flamenco dancewear

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sevillana and rociera dresses, flamenco practice skirts, bata de cola, Sevillanas dress off the peg, Bata de cola skirt, second hand sevillanas dresses


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Sevillanas dress ref marq4
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bata de cola
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feria styles

When sending us your instructions, please specify measurements in CENTIMETRES. Apart from specifying your Spanish size, we need to know:

  1. WAIST at narrowest part where skirt would fall (contorno de cintura)
  2. HIPS over the bone (contorno de cadera)
  3. LENGTH from waist to the knuckle bone of the ankle (largo)
  4. BUST measurement (contorno de pecho)
  5. VERTICAL between waist and hips
  6. COLOUR choices, plain or with large or small polka dots - see some of the images for ideas!

What is your general build and height? It would help the flamenco tailor to have a photo of yourself for guidance (which you can send by email.)


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wear the typical comb!

the art of Sevillanas - a sort of maths table to help you work out the steps!

we accept visa on line

price of typical sevillanas dress - see below




plain yellow sevillana two frills pink sevillana large sleeves

Please email us for your order


We still need to quote you with the shipping/handling costs included, so email us your full name and shipping address. You pay on line by credit card. We normally ship by urgent registered post, approximate delivery time 1 to 2 weeks outside Europe. If you want a courier service please tell us and we shall quote you.



the traditional sevillana dress



more styles available - ask us!




For more detail of ref: marq4 blue click here


Prices in Euros excl shipping.

Price of top quality embroidered Sevillanas dress ref marq4 made to measure.

The dressmakers will need minimum two weeks. Add a further week to 10 days for shipping. We do not guarantee a delivery time. Please note that once the dress is made there can be no refund.

If you want a Sevillanas dress off the peg - not made to measure, please enquire by email.


bata de cola practice skirts









full bata de cola skirt

prices from 1000.00 USD







white polka dot small bata de cola (colin)

Do you want the full size or smaller version with less material called a "colin" (as in the picture)?

Three options (prices also depend upon material used or available, so please ask for a quote):

Option A

Full bata de cola, in which case we also need bust measurements. This is the complete costume made to measure and has a lot of material, approx 1.75 ms train. Email us for a quote but sprices range from 700,- Euros to 900,- depending upon style and quantity of material.

Option B

Bata de cola skirt only. This option with material approx 1.75 ms train. From 500,- Euros

Option C

The shorter bata de cola skirt only known as "colin". From 350,-Euros

Prices can vary according to material used. In any event we need your colour choice, and whether with or without spots (lunares.) The dressmakers will need minimum two weeks. Add a further week to 10 days for shipping. We do not guarantee a delivery time. Please note that once the dress is custom made there can be no refund. Add shipping/handling on all items - please email for quote.



Let us quote you for a complete flamenco dress or sevillana dress with matching head adornments.



Add shipping/handling on all items - please email to order and for payment instructions. We will need your full shipping address. You can pay by credit card through secure server on line. Prices are quoted in Euros, but you can choose to pay in USD or GBPounds with updated currency exchange rates.


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