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Simón el Rubio flamenco dancer, guitarist and choreographer

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flamenco dancer, bailaor flamenco Simon el Rubio flamenco dancer portrait

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Simon el Rubio photo by Toñi Flores
in a tablao


cartel Dance and guitar performance in Puerto Santa Maria

Dance classes with Simón

video clips
guitar off duty
bulerias class


simon el rubio in bodega gonzalez-byass
filming in the Bodega Gonzalez-Byass
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Simon el Rubio logo on bottle label in Lydl supermarkets on a bottle of wine...
artist Antonio in Jerez barrel sketch Simon el Rubio
or over a barrel!

bohemio por naturaleza

Simón el Rubio - Biography
Simón is a respected flamenco guitarist and highly accomplished flamenco dancer.
He grew up in a theatrical background since his parents were both Royal Ballet dancers and teachers. As a child he started out with violin and piano, but soon found his calling was flamenco.
During the 1980’s he was taught by a number of acclaimed guitarists and dancers including Paco Pena, Manolo Sanlucar, Javier LaTorre and Carmen Cortes. His mentor in flamenco dance was Mariano Torres from Madrid whose company he later joined. He spent many years learning at grass roots level in flamenco gatherings, such as in the Peña Flamenca de Estepona, before moving to Jerez de la Frontera, where he now lives and teaches. He is also a lawyer-linguist as it happens, but his Bohemian temperament led him to form his own touring dance company in the 1990's, with tours to places such as Manila, Hong Kong and even mainland China. He performs throughout Spain and Europe.


Simon el Rubio's Flamenco course in VEJER de la FRONTERA 2012, organised by ArtHouseHolidays.

please email for inscription and more details - also creative writing, poetry and film studies combined with the flamenco experience!

Cuadro flamenco
Simón el Rubio
performing in
Jerez de la Frontera


Simon el Rubio and Melina Coral



simon el rubio bailaor y grupo November 2010


cartel simon el rubio compania sketch by Lucilla Jones
Photo be Toñi Flores cuadro flamenco Simon el Rubio - Miraim dancing Alegrias 
performing in Puerto Santa Maria (in this picture Miriam is dancing "por Alegrias")

an outstanding partnership - Jessica and Simón in Jerez de la Frontera

see YouTube video clips of dance

eg in the Bodega Gonzalez Byass JEREZ

stick work in flamenco dance
dance with the baston (stick)
simon el rubio; jessica brea © Dan Uneken Simon el Rubio en el baile

Joaquin Cortes
simon el rubio bailaor see dance class comments from his students

with Melina Coral bailaora (Malaga) in the 1980s

El Baile por Alegrías - actuación del grupo Simón el Rubio en Jerez

Te escribo para felicitarte por tu gran actuación del pasado sábado dia 24. Me gustó mucho esa salida a escena con tanta fuerza, y con un taconeo rápido y seguro. Bailas muy bien, tanto es así que ojalá supiera yo bailar, siendo Jerezano como soy, la cuarta parte de lo que tú. Por tanto te sigo animando para que sigas "pa lante" porque te mereces más....Espero verte otra vez y pronto por los escenarios. Luis Barranco Mendoza

with Maria-Jose Franco bailaora (Cadiz) in the 1990s
Joaquin Grilo and his brother guitarist Carlos
Joaquin Grilo and his brother guitarist Carlos
simon el rubio dancers guitarists and singers
touring group Simón el Rubio - year 2000
filming at the Bodega Gonzalez-Byass, Jerez de la Frontera, Spain


simon el rubio flamenco dance group in jerez simon el rubio flamenco dance group in jerez simon el rubio flamenco dance group in jerez simon el rubio flamenco dance group in jerez





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