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El cante flamenco - the flamenco song can be divided roughly into the "hondo" styles known as deep song and the lighter "chico" styles. Some writers refer also to the "cante grande" somewhere inbetween.


historical notes


Styles of flamenco song are called "palos", like solea or bulerias.


The flamenco triangle is Jerez, Cadiz, Seville. This area has spawned the more rhythmic "palos" in flamenco. It also contains the largest concentration of flamenco gypsies in Andalusia.


Puerto Lucero Sanlucar


The song is said to be the source of all flamenco inspiration.

To understand this you will need to immerse yourself in the art of the song, something that may be unpalatable at first to the non-Spaniard. The breathing techniques and the contortion of sounds squeezed through the throat make it appear alien to the western ear. Just persevere.



Did you know......?
that the jabegote is a flamenco song form from Málaga, essentially a fandango abandolao whose theme refers almost exclusively to the experiences of the fishermen.

Flamenco clubs

(some listings of interest)


Peña Flamenca La Zua Jerez
Peña Flamenca La Solea Nerja
Peña Flamenca de Estepona
Peña Cultural de San Fernando
Tertulia Flamenca "Aires de la Sierra" Prado del Rey

Flamenco prizes parts1,2,3,4 The golden key award for flamenco song - la llave de oro
Malaga Flamenco Malagueñas, Verdiales, Málaga Flamenco: an short analysis of flamenco forms in Malaga province
Puerto Lucero Sanlucar from the coast: the typical Alegrias is Mirabras from Sanlucar
Zambombas xmas songs Flamenco Christmas songs typical of Jerez
Sanlucar singing competition regional level Yearly song and dance competition, with links to others
Cordoba flamenco competition national level Browse the competition conditions for year 2001 - finals 12th May in the Gran Teatro de Cordoba
Vejer competition non-professional level Aficionados (enthusiasts) singing competition
Jerez flamenco updates on the festival
Domingo Rosado singing teacher Learn to sing in Andalusia

An introduction to some singers of interest:


Estrella Morente



Estrella Morente

from Granada, the daughter of singer Enrique Morente

Chano Lobato


one of the most popular singers from Cadiz with a cheeky style...

Rocio Bazan


a young singer from a fishing village Estepona, Malaga

Maria Angeles Cuevas




young Sanlucar singer maria angeles cuevas

The Jerez School


Jerez de la Frontera is said to be the cradle of flamenco song. Certainly many famous singers were born in Jerez (or influenced by Jerez), given its relatively small population (around 200,000), also with a strong flamenco gypsy community. The two major flamenco districts are Santiago and San Miguel.


Antonio Agujetas


Jerezano gypsy singer

Gonzalo de Jerez


pure cante singer from Jerez Gonzalo de Jerez

Jaime Villar


young singer from Jerez


el Salmonete

and sister Elu de Jerez



Jerezano singers:

salmonete elu de jerez

Luis de la Chica


pure cante singer from Jerez


José Mercé


commercially successful Jerezano singer jose merce 2005

The Old School

Singers who have shaped flamenco song in the past (to name just a few...)

Pastora Pavón

"La Niña de los Peines"

another legend

Manuel Soto Sordera





Born into the cradle of flamenco song in the Santiago district of Jerez de la Frontera. Most of his seven children are now well established singers.

Camaron de la Isla


gypsy from San Fernando, the legend in his own time Camaron de la Isla




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