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This category includes painters and flamenco artists and artwork, as well as sketches and digital prints of flamenco. Lucilla Jones has her studio in Andalusia, Tony Cocilovo is in the USA and David Zaafra lives in Granada, Spain.

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flamenco poster prints

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Price per lamina (sketch)

only 16,95 Euros (approx 23 USD)


Laminas (prints) on quality paper: limited number available while stocks last.

Vicente Amigo, Camaron, Lorca, dancers.... sketches "laminas" or prints are available at 24,95 Euros (approx 39USD) each
zaafra  laminas ref: ZALaminas - each sketch size approx 30 cms x 40 cms


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Vicente Amigo sketch, printed on quality paper (Lamina)

16,95 Euros plus shipping




Vicente Amigo lamina ref: ZALaminas - Vicente Amigo


Lucilla Jones




oils, watercolours, sketches....

Lucilla Jones has a reputation that extends well beyond her home in Andalusia. This lady knows how to capture the essence of Andalusian culture....

She can be commissioned for private work and has a wide portfolio concerning Andalusia, in particular flamenco, equestrian and bullfighting images. Please enquire by email.


these signed prints are approx 30 x 20 cms incl paper margins

price: 29,95,- Euros each print



banderillas   rejonear
please ask for larger image by email


equestrian work






Lucilla Jones studied at the Ruskin School of Fine Art and Drawing in Oxford, England. On leaving she specialized in portraiture and the study of horses and other animals, completing many commissions, including paintings for the military.

Choosing her subjects as vehicles for emotional communication, dance, music and the beauty of motion inspire in her a spontaneous response. Her style may be said to be a result of flawless drawing, wherein she encapsulates dynamic motion with free and simple lines, combined with a charming and bravura use of colour. Her work is vibrant yet without stridency, the light and atmosphere perfectly apposite for her subjects.

Raised in a family of horse lovers, she has a deep understanding of equine nature and a gift of looking at the horse as a subject without cloying sentimentality. The horse as a mere motor pulling a carriage; the horse as a platform for the circus acrobat; the horse as a subject of a portrait, its head turned to meet our gaze; the horse as actor in our games of racing and polo; the horse, spinning, hovering in front of the bull that will kill or be killed- all and each tell the story of the alliance of horse and man.

Some say that her paintings fuse a fleeting reality of people, animals and abstract landscape in continuous rhythm and symbolic ritual, and that is well said. Like all the very best of art, her works remains in the memory of all who see it

De la mano del
genial pintor granadino
David González "Zaafra"

His work can be commissioned.

Paco de Lucia

taller de artes gráficas

paco de lucia

...Mi cara esta serena, como si Zaafra al dibujarla me hubiera susurrado... Paco de Lucía


About the artist David González "Zaafra"







Nace en Granada, en 1948;
desde muy temprana edad practica las artes plásticas, de una firma intuitiva y natural fiera de toda norma y academicismo. A los doce años, aconsejado por el entorno familiar ingresa en La Escuela de Artes y Oficios Artísticos de Granada, donde no asistirá mas de un trimestre; esto condicionará toda su vida artística como autodidacta en las múltiples facetas del arte, . Dibujante, Pintor, Escultor, Grabador, Tapices, Cerámica y Música. Zaafia, como pintor profesional ha realizado múltiples exposiciones por todo el mundo desde hace más de 25 años ha vivido y trabajado en diferentes países: Francia, Alemania, Holanda, Bélgica y Suiza.
Actualmente reside y trabaja en Huetor- Vega (Granada). Entre las exposiciones individuales rnás importantes cabe destacar Las del Centro Cultural de Madrid. Casa Elizalde de Barcelona) Centro Cultural Manuel de Falla de Granada, Centro Cultural Cran Capitán de Granada, Centro Cultural de los Ejércitos. Exposición Itinerante por España (patrocinada por Seguros Pelayo, XIX Y XXI Congresos Internacionales de Arte [lamenco y XVII Festival Internacional de Jazz de Granada.
Entre los mas de mil retratos realizados por Zaafra están los de.S.M. el Rey Juan Carlos I Severo Ochoa Luis Rosales, Emilio Romero, Moniserrat Caballé, Salvador Távora, Manuel de Falla, Fede rico Garcia Lorca, Camarón de la Isla, Paco de Lucia y Félix Grande. Hay múltiples obras de Zaafra en colecciones públicas por España y Europa.
Tiene monumentos escultóricos como el monumento al Donante de Sangre, en Alfacár (Granada), o el Monumento al Piki (Cante jondo), en la Plaza de la Victoria (Granada). Como Cartelería más importante están los de las Fiestas del 2 de Mayo en Madrid, (1991 y 1992), Cartel del Día deAndalucia (1993), Cartel fiestas del Corpus, Granada (1996), y el Cartel del 75 Aniversario del Concurso de Cante jondo de 1922 en Granada.

Tony Cocilovo

Digital paintings




Digital paintings of flamenco scenes. Please enquire by email.


Tony Cocilovo is an unusual artist. He has been painting for 30 years having trained in England and France in classical painting techniques.  He has now started a flamenco painting series. Sargent's painting from 1890 really captured a mood with shadowy back walls, so he began by using his background and painted a contemporary dancer in the foreground. He intends to adapt the complete series with it  - available soon.


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