Sanlucar Summer Flamenco, song and dance competition Sanlucar de la Barrameda, Cadiz
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Sanlucar Summer Flamenco 2004

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Sanlucar de la Barrameda, Cadiz - song and dance competition july 2004 in the patio of the cultural centre, Plaza de la Victoria on Fridays and Saturdays 16th, 17th, 23rd, 24th July until the final on 30th July 2004 in the open air Teatro Municipal in the town (from 10pm...)


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Sanlucar2004concursoPlazaVictoria   Sanlucar2004/Sanlucar2004concursoPlazaVictoria_stage

On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the competition is dedicated to younger artists, who must be under 30 years of age.

female singer

Sanlucar programme concurso de cante y baile 2004

Singers compete and must present 4 songs from certain categories

For example section A covers the songs typical of Sanlucar: Mirabras, Caracoles, Romeras, Rosas, for which a special prize is awarded (this year presented to Maria Angeles Cuevas.)

The official guitarists are Manolo Lin and blind flamenco guitarist, Juan el Plazoleto.


The three finalist singers:

  • Maria Angeles Cuevas (from Sanlucar)
  • Antonio Jose Mejia (from Cordoba)
  • Antonio Ortega (from Sevilla
Maria Angeles Cuevas from Sanlucar   Antonio Jose Mejia singer from Cordoba with his excellent accompanist  Antonio Caceres from Puente Genil  Antonio Ortega from Sevilla

Sanlucar2004 Almendro_Manolo Lin



The Jerez singer "El Almendro" sang Solea por Buleria, then Romeras typical of the Sanlucar area, a deep Seguiriya, and to finish some personal Fandangos.



This competitior sang:

  • Romeras
  • Toná (without guitar)
  • Alegrias
  • Malagueña



Nino de la Fragua another young Jerezano singer - El Niño de la Fragua during an emotive "Malagueña"


Two dances are required, one of which must be either por Alegrías or por Soleá.



Sanlucar Dance Competition 2004_  19 year old dancer called Nazaret


Tamara Lucio with group from Rota  


male dancer Gerardo Gerardo

Maria Garcia from Sevilla   13 year old Maria Garcia with her young group from Sevilla.

The first prize money in dance is only 1200,- Euros, perhaps just enough to cover your own accompanying group (minimum two appearances including travel expenses), whereas the first prize in song is 2400,- Euros.

Dancers have a tough time in competitions because they need more subsidy....usually from their families.... to pay for their group and wardrobe.

Flamenco song always predominates, and the singer only has his guitarist to pay!

Premios del Concurso


  • 1 Premio: 2400,- Euros y Trofeo
  • 2 Premio: 1250,- Euros
  • 3 Premio: 600,- Euros
  • Premio mejor cante de Sanlucar: 1000,- Euros


  • 1 Premio: 1200,- Euros y Placa
  • 2 Premio: 600,- Euro

Mejor Acompañamiento de Guitarra: Trofeo


© photos and content Simon Zolan

The official judges for 2004: Jose Rodriguez Ruso, Domingo Rosado, Antonio Rodriguez Crespo, Juan Roman and Simon el Rubio.

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