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Flamenco guitar strings

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Flamenco guitar strings direct from Andalusia, Spain. We offer a personalised service with advice from professional flamenco musicians and dancers, local instrument makers and flamencos.






















la bella medium tension guitar strings

Prices are per set of strings - if not in stock please reserve by email!

We have asked numerous flamenco guitarists in Andalucia what strings they use. The popular strings are La Bella, but most performers actually mix and match. In some cases the classical guitar string would be appropriate. You might try Hannanbach bass strings with La Bella trebles for example and experiment with different tensions. Some prefer high tension strings but many flamenco players seem to favour the medium tension. Nevetheless it is a personal choice according to the sound, feel and type of guitar and of course how you play.

Invariably flamenco guitarists seem to change the bass strings more frequently than the trebles. The fourth string is the first to deteriorate because it has a finer winding than the fifth or sixth strings. We can get you individual strings in Savarez, but all others can only be purchased as a set.

If in doubt we suggest you buy the medium tension La Bella set.

La Bella 2001 medium or high tension 19,35 Euros
Hannanbach H827MT or HT
19,35 Euros
Luthier concert silver 21,45 Euros
Savarez 23,25 Euros
Aranjuez 22,25 Euros

Prices excludeshipping and handling! Please enquire by email and tell us your address for shipping.

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